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Together Living Longer

With great intention, we have elegantly weaved together our scientific research and premium ingredients to create our proprietary, holistic blend of micro amounts of functional mushrooms.

Our journey includes two-years of pilot studies to examine how consuming micro amounts of functional mushrooms affects ones’ overall well-being.

In the most recent study, 25 participants faithfully integrated our supplement into their daily routines. The findings illuminated remarkable transformations. *Read more in "Resources" tab

95% of our volunteers experienced reduced anxiety, a surge in overall mood, and happiness.

75% of our volunteers showed increased brain cell activity.


Invigorate Your Day With Weave:

Enhance neuroplasticity, cultivate mental clarity and unlock creativity.

Elevate your mood, strengthen natural vitality and boost your energy.

Nourish your gut microbiota, promote healthy digestion and combat inflammation.

Minimize anxiety symptoms and effectively manage stress.

Testimonials from our Community:

“I had been taking 200 mg of Zoloft for the past 10 years for anxiety and depression and it was no longer working for me. I really wanted to wean off of it but wasn’t sure I could without major setbacks like the return of debilitating anxiety and depression. Much to my relief, through, within a two month period I completely weaned off Zoloft with zero side affects. I’m taking the Weave blend and with coaching provided it’s been working very well and I’m overjoyed with the outcome!” - Jane H.

"Weave provided me with a multitude of feelings. Over the month course, I noticed many changes within myself. First, I noticed the subtle shift in my energy, I was able to shift my relationship with caffeine quite quickly and cut my coffee consumption in half. Soon after I started to feel a shift in my mood, I noticed that I experienced a lot more positivity throughout my day. And importantly, I started to experience more restful sleep. I am grateful for my experience with this powerful supplement." - Becca S.

"I’ve always battled with the stresses & anxieties many of us experience in our everyday adult lives.  I was cautiously optimistic & curious about the research and clinical trials in working with psychedelic medicine. After working with the team from Weave, my wife and I decided to sit with the supplement and work through a protocol. I can confidently say it has made a profound impact on my life & our relationship. I find myself operating with a heightened sense of awareness & more present in my daily interactions, tempering the everyday stress that used to feel much more overwhelming." - John P.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.